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Re: 1.6 UI issues

Hi Juan

>From our experience, you could check the jobmanager.log first to see whether existing similar logs below:
max allowed size 128000 bytes, actual size of encoded class akka.actor.Status$Success was xxx bytes

If you see these logs, you should increase the akka.framesize to larger value (default value is '10485760b') [1].

Otherwise, you could check the gc-log of job manager to see whether the gc overhead is too heavy for your job manager, consider to increase the memory for your job manager if so.

Yun Tang

From: Juan Gentile <j.gentile@xxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2018 22:05
To: user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: 1.6 UI issues



We are migrating the the last 1.6 version and all the jobs seem to work fine, but when we check individual jobs through the web interface we encounter the issue that after clicking on a job, either it takes too long to load the information of the job or it never loads at all.


Has anyone had this issue? Any clues as to why?


Thank you,