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Re: Flink1.6 Confirm that flink supports the plan function?


1) you currently cannot merge multiple jobs into one after they have been submitted. What you can do though, is to combine multiple jobs in your Flink program before you submit it.

2) you can pass program arguments when you submit your job. After it has been submitted, it is no longer possible to change the command line arguments.


On Mon, Oct 15, 2018 at 9:11 AM wangziyu <2375900377@xxxxxx> wrote:
Dear Friend:
              Now ,I am a learn flink for 20 days.I would to trouble friends
to help solve two problems.
Questions are as follows:
              1. If I have some jobs,How can I merge the some jobs to One
that convenient for me to manage?
I have look for some restful api in
see "/jars/:jarid/plan" it seem say "Returns the dataflow plan of a job
contained in a jar previously uploaded via '/jars/upload'."I think it is not
my purpose.
              2.When I run a job,I need pass in several  parameters.For
example "./flink run -d -c streaming.Kafka010NumCountConsumer
/ziyu/flink/kafkaFlink-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar h1 /ziyu/h1.txt" .Now If I have know
JobId,Can I get the job pass in several  parameters by java.I think it is
has some interface can use,But I can't get it.
             That is all.Can you help me that give me some
information.Thanks so mach.

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