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Flink1.6 Confirm that flink supports the plan function?

Dear Friend: 
              Now ,I am a learn flink for 20 days.I would to trouble friends
to help solve two problems.
Questions are as follows:
              1. If I have some jobs,How can I merge the some jobs to One
that convenient for me to manage?
I have look for some restful api in
see "/jars/:jarid/plan" it seem say "Returns the dataflow plan of a job
contained in a jar previously uploaded via '/jars/upload'."I think it is not
my purpose.
              2.When I run a job,I need pass in several  parameters.For
example "./flink run -d -c streaming.Kafka010NumCountConsumer
/ziyu/flink/kafkaFlink-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar h1 /ziyu/h1.txt" .Now If I have know
JobId,Can I get the job pass in several  parameters by java.I think it is
has some interface can use,But I can't get it.
             That is all.Can you help me that give me some
information.Thanks so mach.

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