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Re: How do I initialize the window state on first run?

IIUC, we can't  initialize state at first run,  maybe you could store the aggregated data in another place other than use flink's state, then use flink to aggregate the data realtime.

bupt_ljy <bupt_ljy@xxxxxxx> 于2018年10月12日周五 下午3:33写道:

Hi, vivo,

    My Flink program is to aggregate the data of a whole day, assume we start this program on 6:00 am, the default state in the window should be the aggregated result of 0:00 am to 6:00 am.

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Sender: vino yang<yanghua1127@xxxxxxxxx>
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Date: Friday, Oct 12, 2018 15:13
Subject: Re: How do I initialize the window state on first run?

Hi Jiayi,

If you don't mind, I would like to ask you what kind of situation do you have in this situation?

Thanks, vino.

bupt_ljy <bupt_ljy@xxxxxxx> 于2018年10月12日周五 下午1:59写道:


   I’m going to run a new Flink program with some initialized window states. 

   I can’t see there is an official way to do this, right? I’ve tried the bravo project, but it doesn’t support FsStateBackend and it costs too much work if we add a new StateBackend in it. 

   Any good ideas about this?

Jiayi Liao,Best