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Re: Watermark on keyed stream

You are correct that watermarks are not tracked per key.  You are dealing with events with a high degree of delay variability.  That is usually not a good match for event time processing as implemented in Flink.

You could use event time processing and configure a very large window allowed lateness (days in your case), but that would significantly increase the amount of state you must track.  That may be acceptable depending on your message volume, scale of deployment, and state and timer storage backend (RocksDB).

On Wed, Oct 10, 2018 at 11:12 AM Nick Triller <Nick.Triller@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi everyone,


it seems Flink only supports global watermarks currently which is a problem for my use case.

Many sensors send data which might be buffered for days in upstream systems before arriving at the Flink job.

The job keys the stream by sensor. If other sensors send values in the meantime, the global watermark is advanced

and buffered data that arrives late is dropped.


How could the issue be solved? I guess it would be possible to calculate the watermark manually and add it to a wrapper object,

but I am not sure how to correctly implement windowing (tumbling window) then.


Thank you in advance for any ideas.