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cannot resolve constructor when invoke FlinkKafkaProducer011 constructor in scala

invoke FlinkKafkaProducer011 constructor in scala:
val producer = new FlinkKafkaProducer011[PVEvent.Entity](appConf.getPvEventTopic, new PvEventSerializeSchema,
producerProps, Optional.of(FlinkRebalancePartitioner[PVEvent.Entity]))
and the constructor is :

* Creates a FlinkKafkaProducer for a given topic. The sink produces its input to
* the topic. It accepts a keyed {@link KeyedSerializationSchema} and possibly a custom {@link FlinkKafkaPartitioner}.
* <p>If a partitioner is not provided, written records will be partitioned by the attached key of each
* record (as determined by {@link KeyedSerializationSchema#serializeKey(Object)}). If written records do not
* have a key (i.e., {@link KeyedSerializationSchema#serializeKey(Object)} returns {@code null}), they
* will be distributed to Kafka partitions in a round-robin fashion.
* @param defaultTopicId The default topic to write data to
* @param serializationSchema A serializable serialization schema for turning user objects into a kafka-consumable byte[] supporting key/value messages
* @param producerConfig Configuration properties for the KafkaProducer. 'bootstrap.servers.' is the only required argument.
* @param customPartitioner A serializable partitioner for assigning messages to Kafka partitions.
* If a partitioner is not provided, records will be partitioned by the key of each record
* (determined by {@link KeyedSerializationSchema#serializeKey(Object)}). If the keys
* are {@code null}, then records will be distributed to Kafka partitions in a
* round-robin fashion.
public FlinkKafkaProducer011(
String defaultTopicId,
KeyedSerializationSchema<IN> serializationSchema,
Properties producerConfig,
Optional<FlinkKafkaPartitioner<IN>> customPartitioner) {
but cannot complie pass, and IDEA show ''cannot resolve constructor" error. 
and i invoke other constructor that without java8 Optional params, it  will no
error。  because of java8 Optional param?what should i do?