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Re: No data issued by flink window after a few hours


Can you explain what "ram to cache the distinct data about sliding window" mean? 
The information you provide is too small and will not help others to help you analyze the problem and provide advice.

In addition, regarding the usage of Flink related issues, please only send mail to the user mailing list. 
The dev mailing list is mainly used to discuss development related issues.

Thanks vino.

? ?? <pangongsen@xxxxxxxxxxx> 于2018年10月10日周三 上午10:37写道:
Hi all,
    I used flink window, and when the job begins, we could get the results of windiow.But there’re no results issued after a few hours.
    I found the job is still running and no errors, and the data not used window all can be issued.
    By the way, I used Flink 1.3.2 and ram to cache the distinct data about sliding window.