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How to compare two window ?

Hi, Flink guys, 
U really to a quick release, it's fantastic ! 

I'v got a situation , 
window 1 is time driven, slice is 1min, trigger is 1 count
window 2 is count driven, slice is 3 count, trigger is 1count

1. Then element is out of window1 and just right into window2. 
    For example if there is only 2 element, window2 will have none element.  how to build window like this ? 
   I try to use window1 by structure (window trigger evictor) then window2 structure(trigger evictor)
   I got element calculate just in window1 and window2 in the same time

2.  I try to find ways to use SQL on AllWindowedStream but seem not working. Can SQL Query use on a WINDOW ?
3.  How to compare these SQL result ?


Thank U so much.


Yuanjun Miao