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Re: CoFlatMapFunction with more than two input streams

Thank you Xingcan.

Regarding that Either, I still see the need to do TypeCasting/CaseClass matching. Could you please help give a look?

val transformed = dog
            .keyBy(r => r.name, r2 => r2.name)
            .process(new TransformerCoProcessFunction)
            .split(_ match {
               case Right(d) => List("dog")
               case Left(c) => List("cat")
               case _ => List("")

val transformed_dog = transformed.select("dog").map(_ match {
               case Right(d) => d
               case _ => NON_EXIST_DOG
val transformed_cat = transformed.select("cat").map(_ match {
               case Left(c) => c
               case _ => NON_EXIST_CAT



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