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Re: CoFlatMapFunction with more than two input streams

Hi Averell,

What I mean is that if you store stream_c data in an RDBMS, you can access the RDBMS directly in the CoFlatMapFunction instead of using the Table API. 
This is somewhat similar to stream and dimension table joins. 
Of course, the premise of adopting this option is that the amount of data in stream_c is not particularly large and will not be updated frequently.

Thanks, vino.

Averell <lvhuyen@xxxxxxxxx> 于2018年8月15日周三 下午3:27写道:
Thank you Vino & Xingcan.
@Vino: could you help explain more details on using DBMS? Would that be with
using TableAPI, or you meant directly reading DBMS data inside the

@Xingcan: I don't know what are the benefits of using CoProcess over
RichCoFlatMap in this case.
Regarding using Either wrapper, as my understanding, I would need to use
that both in my sources (stream_A and B) and in the
CoProcess/CoFlatMapFunction. Then using a super class Animal would be more
convenient, wouldn't it?

Thanks and regards,

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