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[1.6.0] Read content of Csv file with new table connectors

Hi all,

Following the relase of Flink 1.6.0, I'm trying to setup a simple csv file reader as to load its content in a sql table.
I'm using the new table connectors and this code recommended in Jira FLINK-9813 and this doc :

Csv csv_format = new   Csv().schema( TableSchema.fromTypeInfo(AvroSchemaConverter.convertToTypeInfo("My avro schema text")));

ExecutionEnvironment env = ExecutionEnvironment.getExecutionEnvironment();
TableEnvironment tEnv = TableEnvironment.getTableEnvironment(env);
tEnv.connect(new FileSystem().path("my_local_file.csv"));
Table csv_table = tEnv.scan();

Is this right or I'm missing something?
I'm not sure format, file path etc should be put in TableEnvironment object.
Should I get as many TableEnvironment objects as I have different csv files?

Thanks in advance for your input, all the best

François Lacombe