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Re: Select node for a Flink DataStream execution

Hi Vino,

The cluster is not completely homogeneous in cpu/memory but quite similar. The real issue comes from the networking (Which is what we want to test).
The interfaces on each node varies from: 100Mb/s, to 1Gb/s, 10Gb/s, 25Gb/s, 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s (all Ethernet). And each node have more than one (different) network link each with its own flink jobmanager (Yup, more than one jobmanager per node).

That is, if we want to measure latencies, throughputs, etc, we need to know / deploy each task where we need for each test / measurement.

I think some of the tests could be done anyway by stoping non-in-test jobmanagers and with some annoying trial-error.

Anyway, your knowledge helped to plan our tests.

El lun, 13-08-2018 a las 20:13 +0800, vino yang escribió:
Hi Rafael,

One thing in your needs is achievable : want 2 different tasks executed on 2 different nodes
A Node sets a Slot, disables the operator chain, but you can't choose which node to run which task. 
I don't understand why you need to artificially specify this mapping. 
Do you have a very different machine configuration in a cluster, or do you have other considerations?

Thank, vino.

Rafael Leira Osuna <rafael.leira@xxxxxx> 于2018年8月13日周一 下午8:07写道:
Thanks Vino,

As an example of what a we need: We want 2 different tasks executed on 2 different nodes and choose which one is going to execute what.

Given what you have taught me:
- A job can be assigned to a node in 1.6 with yarn
- A set of tasks (datastream) are executed inside a job
- Two different jobs can't speak each other, nor its tasks

I would assume that what we want is not possible in flink. (Excluding custom solutions like sockets or third parties like kafka)

Thanks for your help!.

El lun, 13-08-2018 a las 19:34 +0800, vino yang escribió:
Hi Rafael,

Flink does not support the interaction of DataStream in two Jobs. 
I don't know what your scene is. 
Usually if you need two stream interactions, you can import them into the same job. 
You can do this through the DataStream join/connect API.[1]

Thanks, vino.

Rafael Leira Osuna <rafael.leira@xxxxxx> 于2018年8月13日周一 下午6:35写道:
Thanks for your replay Vino,

I've checked your solution and it may solve my requirements. However it presents a newer issue: How can 2 different jobs interact with?
As said, I'm new at this, and all I know is the basis to create and interconect diffent datastreams over the same job / java.class.

I know a possible solution may be to create TCP sockets and interconect the jobs by myself, but my final objetive here is to evaluate how flink performs over different media and data while I measure it's vertical scalability (for an academia study + my phd). In the custom tcp-socket solution, I would be testing my own (and maybe not the best) implementation instead the flink's one.

Is it possible to interconnect two different jobs using flink's API? I did not found much on google but maybe because I dont know what I really should search for. If there is a way to interconect 2 jobs then your proposed solution should work fine, if not, should I assume flink current implementation won't allow me to select "job-steps" over "defined-nodes"?
Thanks again Vino and anyone who helps,


El lun, 13-08-2018 a las 10:22 +0800, vino yang escribió:
Hi Rafael,

For Standalone clusters, it seems that Flink does not provide such a feature. 
In general, at the execution level, we don't talk about DataStream, but we talk about Job. 
If your Flink is running on YARN, you can use YARN's Node Label feature to assign a Label to some Nodes. 
Earlier this year, I had solved an issue that could solve the problem of specifying a node label when submitting a job for Flink on YARN.[1] 
This feature is available in the recently released Flink 1.6.0.
Don't know if it meets your requirements?

Thanks, vino.

Rafael Leira Osuna <rafael.leira@xxxxxx> 于2018年8月13日周一 上午12:16写道:

I have been searching a lot but I didn't found a solution for this.

Lets supose some of the steps on the streaming process must be executed
in just a subset of the available nodes/taskmanagers, while the rest of
the tasks are free to be computed anywhere.

**¿How can I assign a DataStream to be executed ONLY in a node

This is required mainly for input/sink tasks as not every node in the
cluster have the same conectivity / security restrictions.

I'm new on flink, so please forgive me if I'm asking for something

Thanks a lot.

Rafael Leira.

Pd: Currently, we have a static standalone flink cluster.