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Re: How to do test in Flink?

Hi Chang,

Regarding the return value type, Scala allows the method to not specify the return value type, it can be inferred by the compiler, if you specify a non-Unit type compiler will report an error, if you do not specify an explicit type, the result of the method may be an error, test pass or not pass. In this respect it does not have the clarity of Java. But there is no doubt that its return value will not be adopted by Flink.

Chang Liu <fluency.03@xxxxxxxxx> 于2018年8月13日周一 上午7:11写道:
Dear all,

I have some questions regarding testing in Flink. The more general question is: is there any guideline, template, or best practices that we can follow if we want to test our flink code (more in scala)?

I know there is this page: https://ci.apache.org/projects/flink/flink-docs-release-1.6/dev/stream/testing.html but not so much written there. And I also did not find a more comprehensive documentation of this library: flink-test-utils_2.11.

One detailed question: how do you test this WindowFunction below? The return type is Unit right? We cannot do unit test on like, like how the ReduceFunction was tested in the example link above. Then we only have the option of doing integration testing on it?

Your ideas would be very helpful :) Thanks in advance !

Best regards/祝好,

Chang Liu 刘畅

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