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Re: flink telemetry/metrics

What is wrong with the metrics that are shown in graphite?

Can you provide us with the metrics section of your flink-conf.yaml?

Are there any metric-related warnings in the TaskManager logs?

On 09.08.2018 01:38, John O wrote:

I’m working on getting a flink job into production. As part of the production requirement, I need telemetry/metrics insight into my flink job. I have followed instructions in

- Added the flink graphite jar to taskmanager/jobmanager lib folder
- confligured flink-conf.yaml to enable graphite reporter

- Added a simple counter in my flink code


When I submit the job, I can see my counter show up in the flink web ui’s Task Metrics section. But the counter does not show up in Graphite.  Also, the metrics that actually make it to Graphite doesn’t seems like it’s published properly.


Is anyone actually using Graphite Reporter? What is your experience? What am I missing?