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Window state with rocksdb backend

Hi all,

This is mingliang, I got a problem with rocksdb backend.

I'm currently using a 15min SessionWindow which also fires every 10s, there's no pre-aggregation, so the input of WindowFunction would be the whole Iterator of input object.

For window operator, I assume this collection is also a state that maintained by Flink.

Then, in each 10s fire, the window function will take the objects out from iterator and do some update, and in next fire, I assume I would get the updated value of that object.

With File system backend it was successful but eats a lot of memory and finally I got GC overhead limit, then I switch to rocksdb backend and the problem is the object in the next fire round is not updated by the previous fire round.

Do I have to do some additional staff with rocksdb backend in this case?

Thanks in advance


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