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Re: ProcessWindowFunction

Hi yuanjun,

There are very few examples of ProcessWindowFunction, but there are some implementations for testing in Flink's source code for your reference.[1]

[1]: https://github.com/apache/flink/blob/master/flink-streaming-scala/src/test/scala/org/apache/flink/streaming/api/scala/WindowTranslationTest.scala#L192

Thanks, vino.

苗元君 <miaoyuanjun@xxxxxxxxx> 于2018年8月9日周四 上午10:11写道:
I read the doc about ProcessWindowFunction
But I the code on the flink demo is incorrect

public class MyProcessWindowFunction extends ProcessWindowFunction<Tuple<String, Long>, String, String, TimeWindow> {
Tuple cannot have to parameter.
I try to find a demo which ProcessWindowFunction used in window word count demo,
I can not even find a complete correct demo with ProcessWindowFunction.

Can any one show me how to use ProcessWindowFunction in wordcount window function with .process(ProcessWindowFunction) ?


Yuanjun Miao