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On 7 Aug 2018, at 19:42, Yan Zhou [FDS Science] <yzhou@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thank you Vino. It is very helpful.

From: vino yang <yanghua1127@xxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Tuesday, August 7, 2018 7:22:50 PM
To: Yan Zhou [FDS Science]
Cc: user
Subject: Re: checkpoint recovery behavior when kafka source is set to start from timestamp
Hi Yan Zhou:

I think the java doc of the setStartFromTimestamp method has been explained very clearly, posted here:

* Specify the consumer to start reading partitions from a specified timestamp.
* The specified timestamp must be before the current timestamp.
* This lets the consumer ignore any committed group offsets in Zookeeper / Kafka brokers.
* <p>The consumer will look up the earliest offset whose timestamp is greater than or equal
* to the specific timestamp from Kafka. If there's no such offset, the consumer will use the
* latest offset to read data from kafka.
* <p>This method does not affect where partitions are read from when the consumer is restored
* from a checkpoint or savepoint. When the consumer is restored from a checkpoint or
* savepoint, only the offsets in the restored state will be used.
* @param startupOffsetsTimestamp timestamp for the startup offsets, as milliseconds from epoch.
* @return The consumer object, to allow function chaining.

Thanks, vino.

Yan Zhou [FDS Science] <yzhou@xxxxxxxxxxx> 于2018年8月8日周三 上午9:06写道:

Hi Experts,

In my application, the kafka source is set to start from a specified timestamp, by calling method FlinkKafkaConsumer010#setStartFromTimestamp(long startupOffsetsTimestamp). 

If the application have run a while and then recover from a checkpoint because of failure, what's the offset will the kafka source to read from? I suppose it will read from the offset that has been committed before the failure. Is it right? 

I am going to verify it, however some clarification is good in case my test result doesn't meet my assumption.