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Passing the individual table coilumn values to the local variables


The following works fine

   tableEnv.registerDataStream("priceTable", splitStream, 'key, 'ticker, 'timeissued, 'price)
    val result = tableEnv.scan("priceTable").filter('ticker === "VOD" && 'price > 99.0).select('key, 'ticker, 'timeissued, 'price)
    val r = result.toDataStream[Row]

Now I would like to get the individual column values from priceTable into local variables

This does not seem to work

val key = tableEnv.scan("priceTable").select('key).toDataStream[Row]
val ticker = tableEnv.scan("priceTable").select('ticker).toDataStream[Row]
 val timeissued = tableEnv.scan("priceTable").select('timeissued).toDataStream[Row]
 val price = tableEnv.scan("priceTable").select('price).toDataStream[Row]

What alternatives are there?


Dr Mich Talebzadeh


LinkedIn  https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=AAEAAAAWh2gBxianrbJd6zP6AcPCCdOABUrV8Pw



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