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Re: Checkpointing on cluster shutdown

No checkpoint will be triggered when the cluster is shutdown. For this case you will have to manually trigger a savepoint.

If a TM goes down it does not create a checkpoint. IN these cases the job will be restarted from the last successful checkpoint.

On 05.06.2018 12:01, Data Engineer wrote:

Suppose I have a working Flink cluster with 1 taskmanager and 1 jobmanager and I have enabled checkpointing with say an interval of 1 minute. Now if I shut down the Flink cluster in between checkpoints (say for some upgrade), will the JobManager automatically trigger a checkpoint before going down?

Or is it mandatory to manually trigger savepoints in these cases?
Also am I correct in my understanding that if a taskmanager goes down first, there is no way the TaskManager can trigger the checkpoint on its own?