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Re: Trigerring Savepoint for the Flink Job

Glad to know you found a solution. would you mind sharing you workaround in Flink 1.4.2. I am pretty sure other users would benefit from your effort too :-)

Regarding the checkpoints / savepoints backend, we use HDFS as our stateful backend instead of RocksDB. We are working on putting that logic to AthenaX open-source soon.
We will definitely consider integration with RocksDB as well in our next AthenaX release and would love to have your inputs considered towards the final design.


On Mon, Jun 4, 2018 at 11:12 AM, Anil <anilsingh.jsr@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Just out of curiosity how do you save your checkpoint. Currently I'm using
filesystem but I'm migrating it to RocksDB which allows for async operations
to avoid latency at higher scale as we grow.