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Re: ConcurrentModificationException while accessing managed keyed state

Hi Garvit Sharma,

Flink run with per parallel with a single thread. Can you show a little code
about how you use the keyed state in processFunction

Garvit Sharma wrote
> Hi,
> I have a use case where I am keeping the keyed state in ProcessFunction.
> Key: Integer personId;
> /**
>  * The data type stored in the state
>  */public class PersonDetails {
>     public long count;
>     public long lastModified;}
> I have encountered a lot of ConcurrentModificationException.
> I thought Flink processes all the operators on a keyed stream in a single
> thread. It seems like operators being accessed through multiple threads.
> If I get such exception then the data coming from Kafka would be consumed
> without making an update to the internal state. Making me lose the data.
> Please help me in handling the case according to my use case.
> Thanks,
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> Garvit Sharma
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