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Re: some default config questions


the reason why `jobmanager.execution.failover-strategy` defaults to `full` is that `individual` only works if you have a completely embarrassingly parallel job where all operators chain into a single task.

Concerning `taskmanager.jvm-exit-on-oom`, depending on where the OOMException has been thrown, it is sometimes still possible for the TaskManager to recover from it. However, in the general case you're right that one should not rely that the JVM is in a consistent state after an OOM and it would probably safer to simply terminate the TM process.


On Thu, May 31, 2018 at 11:49 AM, makeyang <riverbuilding@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
why jobmanager.execution.failover-strategy default value is full not
why taskmanager.jvm-exit-on-oom default value is false not true?
code is flink 1.5

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