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Re: Missing MapState when Timer fires after restored state


> This raises a couple of questions:
> - Is it a bug though, that the state restoring goes wrong like it does for my job? Based on my experience it seems like rescaling sometimes works, but then you can have these random errors.

If there is a problem, I would still consider it a bug because it should work correctly.

> - If it's not supported properly, why not refuse to restore a checkpoint if it would require rescaling?

It should work properly, but I would preferred to keep this at the level of a "hidden feature“ until it got some more exposure and also some questions about the future of differences between savepoints and checkpoints are solved. 

> - We have sometimes had Flink jobs where the state has become so heavy that cancelling with a savepoint times out & fails. Incremental checkpoints are still working because they don't timeout as long as the state is growing linearly. In that case if we want to scale up (for example to enable successful savepoint creation ;) ), the only thing we can do is to restore from the latest checkpoint. But then we have no way to scale up by increasing the cluster size, because we can't create a savepoint with a smaller cluster but on the other hand can't restore a checkpoint to a bigger cluster, if rescaling from a checkpoint is not supposed to be relied on. So in this case we're stuck and forced to start from an empty state?

IMO there is a very good chance that this will simply become a normal feature in the near future.