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How to sleep for 1 sec and then call keyBy for partitioning

Newbie question - What I am trying to do is the following:
CameraWithCubeSource source sends data-containing tuples of (cameraNbr,TS).
1. Need to partition data by cameraNbr.
2. Then sleep for 1 sec to simulate a heavy process in the task.
3. Then need to partition data by TS and finally get the DataStream to connect with another DataStream.

DataStream<CameraWithCube> cameraWithCubeDataStream = env
                .addSource(new CameraWithCubeSource(cameraFile, delay, servingSpeedFactor))
                .keyBy((cameraWithCube) -> cameraWithCube.cameraKey != null ? //partition by cameraNbr
                        cameraWithCube.cameraKey.getCam() : new Object());
//sleep for 1 sec ???? how
                ((KeyedStream) cameraWithCubeDataStream).timeWindow(Time.seconds(1))
                    .apply(new WindowFunction<CameraWithCube, CameraWithCube, String, TimeWindow>() {
                        public void apply(String cameraKeyCam, TimeWindow timeWindow,
                                          Iterable<CameraWithCube> cameraWithCubesAssignedToWindow,
                                          Collector<CameraWithCube> collector) throws Exception {
                            cameraWithCubesAssignedToWindow.forEach(cameraWithCube -> collector.collect(cameraWithCube));

                    })//returning void here from apply ??
//partition by TS and return DataStream
                .keyBy((cameraWithCube) -> cameraWithCube.cameraKey != null ? //partition by cameraNbr
                        cameraWithCube.cameraKey.getTS() : new Object());