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Re: Flink does not read from some Kafka Partitions


Timo is correct - partition discovery is supported by the consumer only
starting from Flink 1.4.

The expected behaviour without partition discovery on, is that the list of
partitions picked up on the first execution of the job will be the list of
subscribed partition across all executions.
When restoring from a savepoint / checkpoint, discovery for new partitions
will not occur.
The reason why new partitions are discovered after you changed the UID of
the consumer operator to a new one, is because the consumer is considered a
completely new operator without any restored state.

Since Flink 1.4, you can choose to enable partition discovery by setting
This can be turned on / off at the start of any execution attempt.
For example, you can have it off initially, take a savepoint, and when
restoring change that configuration to enable discovery.


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