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Task did not exit gracefully and lost TaskManager


when I stop my flink application in standalone cluster, one of the tasks can NOT exit gracefully. And the task managers are lost(or detached?). I can't see them in the web ui. However, the task managers are still running in the slave servers.

What could be the possible cause? My application run Over-window aggregation on a datastream table, the results are written into a custom mysql sink with org.apache.commons.dbcp.BasicDataSource. Close methods are called for the PreparedStatement,  Connection, and BasicDataSource within AbstractRichFunction::close()

Is it because of mysql jdbc doesn't handle interrupt propertly? Should I call PreparedStatement::cancel()? I find a similar issue here[1].  Thank you for your help.

[1] : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/40127228/flink-cannot-cancel-a-running-job-streaming