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Re: Flink does not read from some Kafka Partitions

Hi Ruby,

which Flink version are you using? When looking into the code of the org.apache.flink.streaming.connectors.kafka.FlinkKafkaConsumerBase you can see that the behavior for using partition discovery or not depends on the Flink version.


Am 15.05.18 um 02:01 schrieb Ruby Andrews:

My team ran into some behavior we did not expect when we tried to get an existing Flink app to read from a re-sized Kafka. Here are the highlights: 
- We are using the FlinkKafkaConsumer010.
- We re-partitioned (added partitions to) an existing topic that our Flink app reads so that it the topic has 8 partitions. Following that, we re-deployed our task managers. We thought that the task managers would start reading new partitions.
- 8 task managers read from the topic, but they did NOT read all of the partitions. 3 of the partitions had 2 task managers reading from them and 3 of the partitions had 0 task managers reading from them. My team had expected that Flink would automatically read from all partitions, 1 task manager per partition.
- To force the app to read from all partitions, we added this property to our kafka consumer properties: flink.partition-discovery.interval-millis and re-deployed the task managers. We expected this flag to cause Flink to discover (and start reading) all partitions. 
- We did not see a change in the Kafka readers — there were still 3 topics not being read.
- Finally, we changed the ID of the Flink operator that  reads the Kafka topic and re-deployed the task managers again. 
- After changing the ID, the app started reading from all partitions. 

What is the correct way to pick up partitions after re-partitioning a Kafka topic?