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Re: minPauseBetweenCheckpoints for failed checkpoints

Hi Dmitry,

I think the minPauseBetweenCheckpoints is intended for pausing between successful checkpoints. Usually a user wants to get a successful checkpoint as quickly as possible again. Stefan (in CC) might know more about.


Am 15.05.18 um 03:28 schrieb Dmitry Minaev:

I have a question regarding checkpointing parameter minPauseBetweenCheckpoints that is the minimal pause between checkpointing attempts.
I’ve noticed the following (strange) behavior in Flink.

I set the following parameters for a sample Flink job:

Checkpointing Mode = Exactly Once
Interval = 10s
Timeout = 30s
Minimum Pause Between Checkpoints = 15s
Maximum Concurrent Checkpoints = 1
Persist Checkpoints Externally = Disabled

Then I started the job that intentionally makes some of the checkpoints fail by timeout.
I noticed that this parameter minPauseBetweenCheckpoints is taken into consideration by Flink only when checkpoint doesn’t fail by timeout:

My first checkpoint triggered at 18:03:11 and failed within expected 30 seconds. But immediately after that, a new checkpoint was triggered at 18:03:41. It doesn’t make sense to me since I’m using a minPauseBetweenCheckpoints = 15 seconds. I would expect Flink to wait for 15 seconds before starting a new checkpoint.

However, it seems like this minPauseBetweenCheckpoints works as expected for checkpoints that completed successfully within configured interval. For example, my 4th checkpoint started at 18:04:41 and completed at 18:04:56. And the next checkpoint waited another 15 seconds to start at 18:05:11.

Please see attached screenshots for configuration and checkpoint history.

My question is – is it an expected behavior or a bug? Is there a way to have a pause between checkpoints even if checkpoint fails by timeout?

Thank you!

Kind regards,
Dmitry Minaev

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