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Flink + Marathon (Mesos) Memory Issues

*Background*: We have a setup of Flink 1.4.0. We run this flink 
cluster via /flink-jobmanager.sh foreground/ and /flink-taskmanager.sh 
foreground/ command via Marathon (which launches them as mesos jobs). So,
basically, jobmanager and taskmanagers run as mesos tasks.

Now, say, we run the flink taskmanagers with taskmanager.heap.mb set to 7G
in flink-conf.yaml and Marathon memory is set to 18G. Even after this, we
frequently see the taskmanager containers getting killed because of OOM. The
flink streaming job that we run is a basic job without any windowing or
other stateful operations. Its just a job that reads from a stream, applies
a bunch of transformations and writes it back via BucketingSink. It uses
RocksDB as state backend. 

So what i am trying to understand is, how is Flink allocating taskmanager
memory in containers? What would be a safe value for us to set as Marathon
memory so that our taskmanagers dont keep getting killed? Are we seeing this
behaviour because of starting flink taskmanagers in foreground mode as mesos


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