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Window over events defined by a time range

Hi all,

I'm trying to figure out what the "Flink" way of achieving what I'd like to is.

Imagine I have the following three events in my stream

event1: {"start_time": 0, "end_time": 1, "value": "a"}
event2: {"start_time": 0, "end_time": 2, "value": "b"}
event3: {"start_time": 1, "end_time": 2, "value": "c"}

From this I would like to create tumbling windows of length 1, that collect all the events which overlap that window and make a list from the "values" seen, so the result would be two windows

window1 [0, 1] = {"a", "b"} 
window2 [1, 2] ={"b", "c"}

However my understanding is that because my original stream only has three events, no matter how I create windows, I cannot have event 2 in both windows.

I can think of how this could be done by mapping each event into a separate event for the windows that it should fall into, i.e we split event 2 into 

event2a: {"start_time": 0, "end_time": 1, "value": "b"}
event2b: {"start_time": 1, "end_time": 2, "value": "b"}

But this seems awfully cumbersome when the logic is more complicated.

Is there a natural way to do this window overlapping windows?

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