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Re: Raspberry Pi Memory Configuration

Thanks for the reply, but I tracked the problem down to a missing M in task m=


I had to remove {TM_MAX_OFFHEAP_SIZE} which caused the Pi Java to barf, and h=
ad accidentally deleted the final M.

After that I could run with a heap set to 512m with minimal problem.

As for the Pi as a Flink client, it may not be powerful in conventional sens=
e but I can directly attach a cluster to a sensor array and process the data="" class="">in real time from multiple streams, which is neat. I processed 3 million re=
adings in the prototype in just over an hour with a modest amount of process=
ing required, all on 5pis with a sixth acting as the job manager. My only co=
mplaint is that Flink has a habit of dropping task managers even though they=
're still running. I suspect that's because of slow Ethernet on the Pi3 whic=
h has been addressed on the Pi3+ just released. Realistically sized rack mou=
nted clusters are now possible from http://www.bitscope.com/product/blade/ a=
fter Los Alamos National Lab went looking for a cheap means to build prototy=
pe clusters, and settled on the Pi to build a 750+ node cluster.