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Re: Flink flatMap to pass a tuple and get multiple tuple

it would look more like:

for (Tuple2<> t2 : parse(t.f3) {


On Apr 27, 2018, at 9:08 AM, Soheil Pourbafrani <soheil.ir08@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi, I want to use flatMap to pass to function namely 'parse' a tuple and it will return multiple tuple, that each should be a record in datastream object.

Something like this:

DataStream<Tuple2<Integer,Long>> res = stream.flatMap(new FlatMapFunction<tuple3<int, int, int>, Tuple2<Integer,Long>>() {

public void flatMap(Tuple3<int, int, int> t, Collector<Tuple2<Integer,Long>> collector) throws Exception {


that parse will return for example 6 tuples2 and I want them inserted into res datastream.