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Flink 1.5 release timing

Hi all,

In the flink-crawler project we switched to 1.5-SNAPSHOT to take advantage of some new features, but that means we have to build a 1.5 distribution if we want to run jobs on EMR.

So I’m wondering if there’s any feeling for when the next 1.5 RC will be out.


— Ken

PS - The last explicit discussion about the 1.5 release that I see on the mailing list is from April 24th, when Fabian mentioned a user-reported regression. Looking at Jira, I see 113 issues that are major/critical/blocker and flagged for 1.5 There are 8 issues flagged as blockers, though only 4 really seem like they should block the release, and of those, only one isn’t in progress - that’s FLINK-9190.

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