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jobmanager rpc inside kubernetes

when trying to submit a job to my k8s cluster using `flink run -m
localhost:6123 app.jar` i get the following error in jobmanager log:

dropping message [class akka.actor.ActorSelectionMessage] for
non-local recipient [Actor[akka.tcp://flink@localhost:6123/]] arriving
at [akka.tcp://flink@localhost:6123] inbound addresses are

there are several workarounds but i'm absolutely not going to bundle
my jar into a taskmanager pod just so i can deploy. i would rather
have the jar on ceph and deploy from tm or jm:
- kubectl exec -ti pod-replica-version bash
- flink run blah blah blah...

i could also run akka in unsafe mode, what are the majority of people
doing regarding this issue?

i have an up to date helm chart that is nearing production readiness
that i'm willing to share if people are interested (and my company
lets me).