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Re: Retaining uploaded job jars on Flink HA restarts on Kubernetes

I think you are looking for jobmanager.web.tmpdir along with upload.dir 

From the documentation :

  • jobmanager.web.tmpdir: This configuration parameter allows defining the Flink web directory to be used by the web interface. The web interface will copy its static files into the directory. Also uploaded job jars are stored in the directory if not overridden. By default, the temporary directory is used.

  • jobmanager.web.upload.dir: The config parameter defining the directory for uploading the job jars. If not specified a dynamic directory will be used under the directory specified by jobmanager.web.tmpdir.



On Sunday, 6 May, 2018, 12:29:43 AM IST, Rohil Surana <rohilsurana96@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I have a very basic Flink HA setup on Kubernetes and wanted to retain job jars on JobManager Restarts.

For HA I am using a Zookeeper and a NFS drive mounted on all pods (JobManager and TaskManagers), that is being used for checkpoints and have also set the `web.upload.dir: /data/flink-uploads` where /data is for the NFS volume.

Still when the JobManager is killed, the uploaded jars are lost.

Would really appreciate if anyone can help in what I am missing.
Here is the link to my flink-conf.yaml - https://pastebin.com/dt7tGTYQ


- Rohil