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RE: S3 for state backend in Flink 1.4.0

WE actually got it working. Essentially, it's an implementation of HadoopFilesytem, and was written with the idea that it can be used with Spark (since it has broader adoption than Flink as of now). We managed to get it configured, and found the latency to be much lower than by using the s3 connector. There are a lot less copying operations etc... happening under the hood when using this native API which explains the better performance.

Happy to provide assistance offline if you're interested.


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Hi Hayden,

It seems like a good alternative. But I see it's intended to work with spark, did you manage to get it working with Flink ?

I some tests but I get several errors when trying to create a file, either for checkpointing or saving data. 

Thanks in advance,

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