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[DISCUSS] Creating last bug fix release for 1.5 branch

Dear community,

I wanted to reach out to you and discuss whether we should release a last
bug fix release for the 1.5 branch.

Since we have already released Flink 1.7.0, we only need to support the
1.6.x and 1.7.x branches (last two major releases). However, the current
release-1.5 branch contains 45 unreleased fixes. Some of the fixes address
serializer duplication problems (FLINK-10839, FLINK-10693), fixing
retractions (FLINK-10674) or prevent a deadlock in the
SpillableSubpartition (FLINK-10491). I think it would be nice for our users
if we officially terminated the Flink 1.5.x support with a last 1.5.6
release. What do you think?