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Re: Submitting job with savepoint through StreamExecutionEnvironment

I'm not aware of any plans to expose this in the StreamExecutionEnvironment.

The issue would be that we would start mixing submission details with the job definition, which results in redundancy and weird semantics, e.g., which savepoint configuration takes priority if both a job and CLI job submission specify it?

Looking at the Beam JIRA it would be sufficient to have this in the RemoteStreamEnvironment (which would be /less /problematic since the issue above is baked into this class anyway), however I would recommend migrating to a ClusterClient for these use-cases.

On 29.11.2018 08:18, Thomas Weise wrote:

Currently it is not possible to submit a job with savepoint restore option
through the execution environment. I found that while attempting to add the
support to the Flink runner in Beam (

I also found https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FLINK-9644 - but is
there a plan to support restore from savepoint
through StreamExecutionEnvironment in general?