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Re: [VOTE] Release 1.7.0, release candidate #2

I looked through the release notes:

Entries that shouldn't be included:

 * [FLINK-9983] - Savepoints should count as checkpoints when recovering
     o duplicate of FLINK-1035
 * [FLINK-10714] - java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException when creating a
   heap backend snapshot
     o closed as "Not a problem"
 * [FLINK-10191] -
     o closed as "Cannot reproduce"
 * [FLINK-10668] - Streaming File Sink E2E test fails because not all
   legitimate exceptions are excluded
     o duplicate of FLINK-10678
 * [FLINK-10622] - Add end-to-end test for temporal table joins
     o closed as "Wont fix"
 * [FLINK-9764] - Failure in LocalRecoveryRocksDBFullITCase
     o closed as "Cannot reproduce"
 * [FLINK-9587] - ContinuousFileMonitoringFunction crashes on short
   living files
     o closed as "Not a problem"
 * [FLINK-10349] - Unify stopActor utils
     o closed as "Wont do"
 * [FLINK-7470] - Acquire RM leadership before registering with Mesos
     o duplicate of FLINK-9936

Wrong categorization:

 * [FLINK-10010] - Deprecate unused BaseAlignedWindowAssigner related
     o => Improvement
 * [FLINK-10142] - Reduce synchronization overhead for credit notifications
     o => Improvement
 * [FLINK-10389] - TaskManagerServicesConfiguration ctor contains self
     o wondering if removing an unused variables is considered a bug-fix
 * [FLINK-10412] - toString field in AbstractID should be transient to
   avoid been serialized
     o => Improvement
 * [FLINK-10513] - Replace TaskManagerActions#notifyFinalState with
     o => Improvement
 * [FLINK-10678] - Add a switch to run_test to configure if logs should
   be checked for errors/excepions
     o => Improvement
 * [FLINK-10803] - Add documentation about S3 support by the
     o => Improvement
 * [FLINK-5005] - Remove Scala 2.10 support; add Scala 2.12 support
     o => Feature (or change FLINK-7811 from subtask to feature;
       FLINK-5005 is quite weird in that sense anyway)
 * [FLINK-7551] - Add VERSION to the REST urls.
     o => Feature
 * [FLINK-9697] - Provide connector for modern Kafka
     o => Feature
 * [FLINK-10050] - Support 'allowedLateness' in CoGroupedStreams
     o => Feature
 * [FLINK-10073] - Allow setting a restart strategy in SQL Client
     o => Feature
 * [FLINK-10310] - Cassandra Sink - Handling failing requests
     o => Feature
 * [FLINK-10371] - Allow to enable SSL mutual authentication on REST
   endpoints by configuration
     o => Feature

Naming issues:

 * [FLINK-10172] - Inconsistentcy in ExpressionParser and ExpressionDsl
   for order by asc/desc
     o typo "Inconsistentc
 * [FLINK-10309] - Cancel flink job occurs java.net.ConnectException
     o name could be improved
 * [FLINK-9126] - Creation of the CassandraPojoInputFormat class to
   output data into a Custom Cassandra Annotated Pojo
     o rename to "Add CassandraPojoInputForma
 * [FLINK-10056] - Add testRequestNextInputSplit
     o name provides little value
 * [FLINK-10355] - The order of the column should start from 1.
     o name provides no value

On 20.11.2018 15:30, Till Rohrmann wrote:
Hi everyone,
Please review and vote on the release candidate #2 for the version 1.7.0,
as follows:
[ ] +1, Approve the release
[ ] -1, Do not approve the release (please provide specific comments)

The complete staging area is available for your review, which includes:
* JIRA release notes [1],
* the official Apache source release and binary convenience releases to be
deployed to dist.apache.org [2], which are signed with the key with
fingerprint 1F302569A96CFFD5 [3],
* all artifacts to be deployed to the Maven Central Repository [4],
* source code tag "release-1.7.0-rc2" [5],

Please use this document for coordinating testing efforts: [6]

The vote will be open for at least 72 hours. It is adopted by majority
approval, with at least 3 PMC affirmative votes.


[2] https://dist.apache.org/repos/dist/dev/flink/flink-1.7.0-rc2/
[3] https://dist.apache.org/repos/dist/release/flink/KEYS
[4] https://repository.apache.org/content/repositories/orgapacheflink-1194
[5] https://github.com/apache/flink/tree/release-1.7.0-rc2
Pro-tip: you can create a settings.xml file with these contents:




And reference that in you maven commands via --settings
path/to/settings.xml. This is useful for creating a quickstart based on the
staged release and for building against the staged jars.