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[ANNOUNCE] Weekly community update #47

Dear community,

this is the weekly community update thread #47. Please post any news and
updates you want to share with the community to this thread.

# Updates on sharing state between subtasks

Jamie opened a first PR to add a first version of sharing state between
tasks. It works by using the JobMaster as the point of synchronization [1].

# Refactor source interface

There is a lively discussion about refactoring Flink's source interface to
make it future proof [2]. Join the discussion if you want to learn more.

# Task speculative execution for batch jobs

Tao Yangyu started a discussion about executing batch tasks speculatively
in order to mitigate the straggler problem [3]. If you have good ideas for
this problem, then please chime in.

# 2nd release candidate for Flink 1.7.0

The community just published the second release candidate for Flink 1.7.0
[4]. Please help the community by testing the latest release candidate and
report any encountered problems. Thanks a lot!

# Embracing Table API in Flink ML

Weihua kicked off a discussion about how to build Flink's next Machine
Learning pipelines [5]. He drafted a design document with his proposal.
Join the discussion to learn more about and share your opinion.

# Support for interactive programming in Flink Table API

Jiangjie started a discussion about interactive programming with Flink's
Table API [6]. The idea is to make results of previous jobs accessible to
successive Flink jobs to better support a REPL like job execution.