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Re: [DISCUSS] Enhancing the functionality and productivity of Table API

Hi Piotr:

I want to clarify one thing first: I think that we will keep the
interoperability between TableAPI and DataStream in any case. So user can
switch between the two whenever needed. Given that, it would still be very
helpful that users can use one API to achieve most of what they do.
Currently, TableAPI/SQL is good enough for most data analytics kind of
scenarios, but there are some limitations that when removed will help we go
even further in this direction. An initial list of these is provided in
another thread. These are naturally extensions to TableAPI which we need to
do just for the sake of making TableAPI more usable.

TableAPI and SQL share the same underlying implementation, so enhancement
in one will end up helping the other. I don't see them as competitive.
TableAPI is easier to extend because that we have a bit more freedom in
adding new functionalities. In reality, TableAPI can be mixed with SQL as

On the implementation side, I agree that Table API/SQL and DataStream
should try to share as much as possible. But that question is orthogonal to
the API discussion.

This thread is meant to enhancing the functionalities of TableAPI. I don't
think that anyone is suggesting either reducing the effort in SQL or
DataStream. So let's focus on how we can enhance TableAPI.