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[DISCUSS] Flink SQL DDL Design

Hi everyone,

SQL DDL support has been a long-time ask from the community. Current Flink
SQL support only DML (e.g. SELECT and INSERT statements). In its current
form, Flink SQL users still need to define/create table sources and sinks
programmatically in Java/Scala. Also, in SQL Client, without DDL support,
the current implementation does not allow dynamical creation of table, type
or functions with SQL, this adds friction for its adoption.

I drafted a design doc [1] with a few other community members that proposes
the design and implementation for adding DDL support in Flink. The initial
design considers DDL for table, view, type, library and function. It will
be great to get feedback on the design from the community, and align with
latest effort in unified SQL connector API  [2] and Flink Hive integration

Any feedback is highly appreciated.

Shuyi Chen

"So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future."