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Re: [DISCUSS] [Contributing] (3) - Review Tooling

I like @Fabian Hueske <fhueske@xxxxxxxxx> 's proposal, currently design the
template is pretty good idea. Because the template is convenient for
contributors to follow the norms to community contributions. About
templates, I think we also need an JIRA description template,
In particular, in the case of current JIRA break previous users’ programs
and setups, the contributions must describe them in detail in JIRA
description. And we should make a discussion, get at least one Committed
consensus in the JIRA discussion before dive into code.


Stephan Ewen <sewen@xxxxxxxxxx> 于2018年9月21日周五 上午3:56写道:

>  Hi all!
> This thread is dedicated to discuss the tooling we want to use for the
> reviews.
> It is spun out of the proposal *"A more structured approach to reviews and
> contributions".*
> *Suggestions brought up so far*
> *Use comments / template with checklist*
>   - Easy to do
>   - Manual, a bit of reviewer overhead, reviewers needs to know the process
> *Use a bot *
>   - Automatically add the review questions to each new PR
>   - Further details?
> *Use GitHub labels*
>   - Searchable
>   - possibly not obvious to new contributors
>   - Any restrictions? Do members need to apply at ASF infra to have
> permissions to edit github labels?