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Re: [DISCUSS] Flink Cluster Overview Dashboard Improvement Proposal

Hey Fabian,
thanks a lot for reaching out to the Flink community with this proposal!
(Posting to the ML instead of creating a JIRA is a good idea for such
questions -- you can create a ticket/tickets once the discussion here has
come to a conclusion)

I have two comments:
- You are listing Records/Kb in and Records/Kb out as cluster-wide metrics.
I wonder whether we should rather show these metrics for each job, instead
of the entire cluster? (or maybe both). My concern is that the cluster-wide
metric is not really relevant as soon as you have jobs with different
characteristics running on one cluster
- You mention that the Flink UI is based on Angular 1. I've been thinking
for quite a while now whether we should actually rewrite / migrate the
Flink UI to React.
Do you think we can re-use most of the work you'd be doing for this change
when we migrate to React?


On Wed, Oct 10, 2018 at 8:24 AM Zhijiang(wangzhijiang999)
<wangzhijiang999@xxxxxxxxxx.invalid> wrote:

> Thanks Fabian for proposing this topic.
> It is very worth improving the web dashborad for showing more useful
> informations which can benefit flink users a lot.
> Just two small personal concerns:
> 1. The start time and end time are already given, so it is easy to
> estimate the rough duration time. Is it necessary to show the duration
> information to occupy the space?
> 2. The job name given by users can be used for identification, and the
> job id is automatically generated in random. I am not sure whether this id
> is useful for further debugging. If not maybe we can ignore the job id from
> the dashboard?
> Best,
> Zhijiang
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> 发件人:Jin Sun <isunjin@xxxxxxxxx>
> 发送时间:2018年10月10日(星期三) 01:10
> 收件人:dev <dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> 主 题:Re: [DISCUSS] Flink Cluster Overview Dashboard Improvement Proposal
> Great job! That would very helpful for debug.
>    - I would suggest to use small icons for this Job Manager/Managers
>    when there are too many instances (like a thousand)
>    - May be we can also introduce locality,  that task managers belongs
>    to same rack shows together?
> Small icons can be like this:
> On Oct 9, 2018, at 8:49 PM, Till Rohrmann <trohrmann@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> mation on the front
> page. Your mock looks really promising to me since it shows some basic
> metrics and cluster information at a glance. Apart from the the source
> input and sink output metrics, all other required information should be
> available to display it in the dashboard. Thus, your proposal should only
> affect flink-runtime-web which should make it easier to realize.
> I'm in favour of adding this feature to Flink's dashboard to make it
> available to the whole community.