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回复:[DISCUSS] Flink Cluster Overview Dashboard Improvement Proposal

Thanks Fabian for proposing this topic.

It is very worth improving the web dashborad for showing more useful informations which can benefit flink users a lot.

Just two small personal concerns:
1. The start time and end time are already given, so it is easy to estimate the rough duration time. Is it necessary to show the duration information to occupy the space?
2. The job name given by users can be used for identification, and the job id is automatically generated in random. I am not sure whether this id is useful for further debugging. If not maybe we can ignore the job id from the dashboard?

发件人:Jin Sun <isunjin@xxxxxxxxx>
发送时间:2018年10月10日(星期三) 01:10
收件人:dev <dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
主 题:Re: [DISCUSS] Flink Cluster Overview Dashboard Improvement Proposal

Great job! That would very helpful for debug.

  • I would suggest to use small icons for this Job Manager/Managers when there are too many instances (like a thousand)
  • May be we can also introduce locality,  that task managers belongs to same rack shows together?

Small icons can be like this:

On Oct 9, 2018, at 8:49 PM, Till Rohrmann <trohrmann@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

mation on the front
page. Your mock looks really promising to me since it shows some basic
metrics and cluster information at a glance. Apart from the the source
input and sink output metrics, all other required information should be
available to display it in the dashboard. Thus, your proposal should only
affect flink-runtime-web which should make it easier to realize.

I'm in favour of adding this feature to Flink's dashboard to make it
available to the whole community.