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[ANNOUNCE] Weekly community update #41

Dear community,

this is the weekly community update thread #41. Please post any news and
updates you want to share with the community to this thread.

# Feature freeze for Flink 1.7

The community has decided to freeze the feature development for Flink 1.7.0
on the 22nd of October [1].

# Flink operators for Kubernetes

Anand sent out a note that Lyft is building a K8s Operator for Flink [2].
If the community is interested, they would be willing to open source it.

# Scala 2.12 support requires breaking the API

Aljoscha, who works on enabling Scala 2.12 for Flink, found out that
bumping the Scala version requires breaking API changes [3]. The community
is currently discussing how to proceed, especially wrt the upcoming release.

# Flink web dashboard improvement proposal

Fabian started a discussion about improving Flink's web dashboard to
display more cluster information [4]. He also attached a quick mock how
things could look like.