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Re: Request for contributor permission

@Yun Gao: You now have contributor permission.

@Tzu-Li Chen: Please don't ping specific people for these kind of mails as plenty of other people can resolve them.

On 01.10.2018 08:27, Tzu-Li Chen wrote:
Hi Gao,

Welcome to Flink community! cc Till and Stephan for you.


yungao.gy <yungao.gy@xxxxxxxxxx.invalid> 于2018年10月1日周一 下午1:42写道:

Hi all,

I want to start contributing to Flink with FLINK-10469. Could someone
grant me the contributor permission? My Jira ID is gaoyunhaii and my full
name is Yun Gao. Thanks a lot ! :)

Yours sincerely
   Yun Gao