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[DISCUSS] Improvements to the Unified SQL Connector API

Hi everyone,

as some of you might have noticed, in the last two releases we aimed to unify SQL connectors and make them more modular. The first connectors and formats have been implemented and are usable via the SQL Client and Java/Scala/SQL APIs.

However, after writing more connectors/example programs and talking to users, there are still a couple of improvements that should be applied to unified SQL connector API.

I wrote a design document [1] that discusses limitations that I have observed and consideres feedback that I have collected over the last months. I don't know whether we will implement all of these improvements, but it would be great to get feedback for a satisfactory API and for future priorization.

The general goal should be to connect to external systems as convenient and type-safe as possible. Any feedback is highly appreciated.



[1] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Yaxp1UJUFW-peGLt8EIidwKIZEWrrA-pznWLuvaH39Y/edit?usp=sharing