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Re: [DISCUSS] Dropping flink-storm?

I'm very much in favor of dropping it.

Flink has been continually growing in terms of features, and IMO we've reached the point where we should cull some of the more obscure ones. flink-storm, while interesting from a theoretical standpoint, offers too little value.

Note that the bolt/spout wrapper parts of the part are still compatible, it's only topologies that aren't working.

IMO compatibility layers only add value if they ease the migration to Flink APIs. * bolt/spout wrappers do this, but they will continue to work even if we drop it
* topologies don't do this, so I'm not interested in then.

On 28.09.2018 15:22, Till Rohrmann wrote:
Hi everyone,

I would like to discuss how to proceed with Flink's storm compatibility layer flink-strom.

While working on removing Flink's legacy mode, I noticed that some parts of flink-storm rely on the legacy Flink client. In fact, at the moment flink-storm does not work together with Flink's new distributed architecture.

I'm also wondering how many people are actually using Flink's Storm compatibility layer and whether it would be worth porting it.

I see two options how to proceed:

1) Commit to maintain flink-storm and port it to Flink's new architecture
2) Drop flink-storm

I doubt that we can contribute it to Apache Bahir [1], because once we remove the legacy mode, this module will no longer work with all newer Flink versions.

Therefore, I would like to hear your opinion on this and in particular if you are using or planning to use flink-storm in the future.

[1] https://github.com/apache/bahir-flink