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Re: [DISCUSS] [Contributing] (2) - Review Steps

Thanks for start the discussion Stephan!

(1) Do we agree on the five basic steps below?*
+1 to the five steps and making the third question in the proposal the

(2) How do we understand that consensus is reached about adding the
+1 to lazy consensus with one committer's +1

(3) To answer the question whether a PR needs special attention

Contributor can ask for special attention, which is treated as a suggestion.
Committer can ask for another committers' attention, either for advice or
the right of decision.

IMO it is quite help to add a page about "component experts", attach or
link  it
from README. This would be a really helpful information to new contributors
so that they know to whom he can cc or ask for advice. Besides it would
be helpful for those who want to know more about the mechanism underneath
Flink, now they know with whom they can consult.